3 Thoughts on Radical Trust

I’m curious what your thoughts are.

1. I’ve gotten to a point in my development where — as long as it’s not prima facie ridiculous/dangerous, until I am proven otherwise, and especially in the moment — I am believing totally in the truth of what other people are telling me, regardless if I know them or not, and as a principle. This allows me to more fully empathize with other people and the complex grays that are universal human consciousness. It also opens space for others to trust me back, which is the open and honest space a lot of us strive for constantly in our relationships. Putting myself out there with radical trust has improved my life in immeasurable, innumerable ways.

2. There is truth to that if you don’t easily trust others, it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy; being a not-trusting person encourages others to act in a way as to not garner mutual trust in the first place.

3. At the same time, sometimes radical trust means the opportunity to get more easily hurt. And yet, radical trust is still worth it — because the even worse cycle of non-trust and hurt/isolation can spiral into a tornado until we become totally, totally, completely isolated. And that truly is the worst. Oftentimes there is no coming back. We all know people like that. Radical trust, then, means building yourself up — to a place of inner spiritual abundance. It also means building others up. There is no other way toward utopia. And it is worth it.


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