3 Self-Help Clichés

Let’s combine three self-help clichés.

When I was very obese 7 months ago, I wanted to not be obese. The goal was be *just* overweight. Then I got there, but I made the decision: why stop. I thought I would be happy when I could fit in a medium-sized t-shirt. And then I did that. My next goal after that was to get into a healthy weight range. I did that. Then the goal was to look great in a small-sized t-shirt. I’ve done that, and now I’m telling myself I’ll be satisfied when I can see my abs.

I could say three different clichés at you at this point.

  1. It’s not the destination that matters. It’s the journey and the lessons along the way.

  2. External outcomes won’t make you happy. True happiness comes from the inside.

  3. What matters is the person you become in taking action, the ability to live in the present with intention — that’s the payoff itself.

I think all these are true.

Importantly and in fact, *all* these are true.

Find self-love independent of the external. But also: still get stuff done. Don’t become complacent. Still take action — instead of desperation, take action out of inspiration. And then see who it is you not even necessarily *become*… as you shed away that which is not actually you, reveal to yourself who you’ve always been.

It’s a journey. Along which you will reveal to yourself who you are. And that is the payoff.

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